July 30, 2014-Development process and ideas of Jiangsu Longyuan intertidal wind power project

July 30, 2014-Development process and ideas of Jiangsu Longyuan intertidal wind power project

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(Summary description)Gao Hongbiao: Deputy General Manager of Longyuan Jiangsu Offshore Longyuan Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd., participated in the preliminary work and installation of the intertidal zone project in Jiangsu, and cooperated with Longyuan Power Group to obtain some research results of the national "863" project. There are 37 patent projects, of which 8 have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office.

July 30, 2014-Development process and ideas of Jiangsu Longyuan intertidal wind power project

(Summary description)Gao Hongbiao: Deputy General Manager of Longyuan Jiangsu Offshore Longyuan Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd., participated in the preliminary work and installation of the intertidal zone project in Jiangsu, and cooperated with Longyuan Power Group to obtain some research results of the national "863" project. There are 37 patent projects, of which 8 have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office.

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Gao Hongbiao: Deputy General Manager of Longyuan Jiangsu Offshore Longyuan Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd., participated in the preliminary work and installation of the intertidal zone project in Jiangsu, and cooperated with Longyuan Power Group to obtain some research results of the national "863" project. There are 37 patent projects, of which 8 have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office.
On the morning of July 3, the Shanghai International Offshore Wind Power and Wind Power Industry Chain Conference held a seminar on "China and Global Offshore Wind Power Planning and Project Progress". Senior engineers introduced the experience of Jiangsu Longyuan intertidal wind power project.
[Gao Hongbiao]: Distinguished guests, good morning, everyone.
This section mainly introduces the project process carried out by our Jiangsu Offshore Longyuan Wind Power Company, which is to introduce the whole process of our intertidal zone project development, including relevant ideas. It is mainly aimed at the relatively rapid development of domestic offshore wind power after the introduction of the current electricity price of 0.85 yuan. There are many lessons for development to be appropriately mentioned.
The process idea of ​​our development is also to use foreign methods to test first, then demonstrate, and then plan on a large scale. This is relatively feasible and has effective control of technical risks, security risks and investment risks. In addition, the national marine department put forward a "Double Ten" request. We can see that many of the early Europeans were actually within the "Double Ten", including the offshore distance and water depth. From the perspective of this piece, the development is still closer to the shore, and the water depth is relatively water. Under the same conditions, it will definitely be quite beneficial to the cost of air.
For the development of wind power in the intertidal zone, our development model is whether the tide is high or flooded. How to plan the open beach at low tide? This plan is also quite special. It should be said that we faced a problem in development in 2006, and we did not have very effective experience. The main problems facing offshore are similar, including analysis and calculation related to waves and currents, which were quite lacking in China at that time in 2009. Another piece is that the effective time of construction equipment construction is quite short, and we only have about 33% of the construction windows after the actual construction. We are also the first in China to adopt the method of steel structure fan foundation, and it is a relatively big problem to use it in the ocean to prevent corrosion.
I put a picture. This picture is to remind us that domestic enterprises developing offshore wind power should pay more attention to the special review and special review in the early stage. We have visited a lot of domestic offshore wind power, including a review of the feasibility study project, and a review of a comprehensive European project. At that time, when we went to the intertidal zone, we held quite a few meetings, and invited quite a few domestic and foreign experts to give us a lot of constructive opinions. Now I have looked at it in China, and he goes straight to the point of many offshore wind power projects. In fact, if this is done in the plan, the investment risk, technical risk, and installation risk are very large. Including the situation that I mentioned later that our work was not implemented enough in the early stage, there are also lessons worthy of our reflection.
This is the earliest method we adopted with Sany Electric in the early stage. We took an idea at that time in the intertidal zone. One of the methods was amphibious equipment. This Longyuan later achieved a certain degree, but found that the difficulty was too great, and there might be relatively large technical risks and investment risks, so it withdrew at that time. In fact, domestic Sany Electric continues to move forward, and now Jiangsu Xiangshui has done it experimentally. This result was similar to our situation in the first phase of Longyuan at that time. The result was not ideal and the investment was huge. This equipment is currently in the field in Kunshan, Suzhou. We also took a look. It is a pity that the equipment with a large investment is now in such a state. There are also amphibious equipment in the lower right. In general, if the technical route is not selected properly, the loss here is relatively large, and it is also a reminder for our offshore construction. If we do not consider the situation properly, it is likely to cause relatively large investment losses.
Another plan, the intertidal zone considered two pieces at that time, one was considering the process of relatively high water depth. This is the drawing of several demonstrations at that time. We are using this process now, which has a lot to do with the water depth requirements. We must choose a suitable water depth, not too deep, not too shallow, too deep. It was submerged, and if it was too shallow, the boat would not come.
Let me give you a little more lesson. If we include Rudong, it is relatively shallow, and if it is relatively shallow, it will be very troublesome. We also helped them see this plan, and it was difficult for me to solve this problem. This is also the case in Hebei. He didn't flood when the tide was on. Let me tell you how to solve the echo of flooding when the tide is on. Therefore, this process still requires more, and the requirements for draft depth are quite strict. If it is shallow, it is a pitiful state to rest on the beach and unable to advance or retreat.
We now have a lot of special equipment in the intertidal zone. This is a picture of a part of the special equipment, which should be a relatively large craft. Of course, now that it is offshore, there are many experts talking about this equipment, and we can help him add legs. This can learn from the early offshore wind power model abroad, adding an outrigger ship to that ship, which is an improved method.
We built the test wind farm at the time. As mentioned by President Fang, we built many manufacturers. This is the process of steel cofferdam. At that time, we thought that this process was too earthy, the effect was too low, and the soil was slag. It turned out that I saw the picture of this slag thing. Longyuan Company is also using it, and it has been pragmatically used for this work at the seaside. It is used for steel plate and fetal membrane casting. In addition, as I just mentioned, Rudong's project and Huadian's project, I see that their equipment organization design still uses this method. So here is a picture of it.
Just mentioned that the steel cofferdam process of the low-pile platform found that the efficiency is too low, and it is difficult to meet our requirements. After the efficiency is low, the cost of construction on the water will be very high, including the shift fee of the ship, and the personnel cost will come up after the efficiency of the personnel is reduced. We are still learning from foreign methods and adopting another process. This construction process is also the first in our country to use this method. The intermediate steel structure has been made with great effort.
The one I mentioned just now was mainly about the lessons learned from offshore wind power, and the one on the lower right is abolished. It is also a domestic private enterprise who patted the chest and said it was fine, but in the end, when we tested it by a third party, we found that it could not be used at all. It should be said that the steel structure foundation is in the marine corrosive environment, and the problem of marine corrosion fatigue is quite prominent. The quality requirements for him are quite high, otherwise the 25-year corrosion fatigue state cannot be satisfied, so he is simply scrapped. This learning cost is still relatively high, this is the process in the middle of our production.
The following introduces a single-pile process. There are still some problems in the multi-pile process. The most important thing is that there are many things on the sea. In addition, he has piling, and the multi-pod has frequency modulation to the sea. There is also a grouting process. It brings a big disadvantage. If the efficacy is low, the cost is also high. We are still learning from foreign methods and borrowing the craftsmanship of single piles.
Next, the installation process, we copied the process of land installation, this is a few pictures in the installation. In general, our foundation and method are three stages from front to back, one is the low-pile concrete cap, the middle is the multipod, and the next is the monopile process. We can see that the picture on the lower right is still different from the picture of Dean Fang's single pile. What's the difference? The white section above is actually a transition section. We made a set of transitional monopile process in the middle. One of the biggest problems brought by the transitional monopile process is that the efficiency is low, and the other is to use irrigation materials in the middle. The price of grouting materials is very high, and there are no suitable products in China. In this piece, we later changed the process without transition section.
Longyuan is the first to develop the intertidal zone. We are very concerned about the offshore area, and it is an inevitable trend to develop to the offshore area. Including the current electricity price of 0.75 yuan, some people asked about the impact of 0.75 yuan on the country? My personal view is that the impact is very small, and it was found that it is basically offshore, and there are basically no projects in the intertidal zone. Including the two projects of Longyuan Gale introduced by the Fangyuan just now, including the projects that have been implemented in the recent stage, such as the 300,000 project in Rudong, all of which are offshore. Including our recent development, Director Fang mentioned that the 14 seats are also offshore, and it may be the first offshore project to be widely promoted in China.
In order to carry out offshore projects, we have cooperated with Zhenhua. I built Longyuan Zhenhua No. 2 after we cooperated, and a picture of No. 1 has just been posted, which is for the intertidal zone. This is a ship used for domestic platforms. This ship is the third domestically owned ship, two-thirds of which are made in China. In terms of the capabilities of the three ships, there are certain problems when I come back to China to see. In the future, if the energy of a single machine is too large, our existing three supported platforms are all a bit problematic, and the hoisting capacity may be a little unsuitable.
Introducing the intermediate set of single piles, we directly bought the large S-800 from the Netherlands in Europe. There is also a single pile problem after the purchase of the S-800. If the single machine capacity is used for more than 5 MW, the single pile is very large. Time to carry energy is not enough.
This is the first set of single-machine technology with transition section, which is related to the construction. This picture is different from the picture just now, there is no transition section. The cancellation of the transition section has higher requirements for frequency modulation and higher requirements for the protection of the pile top. If the S-800 is an 800kj hammer directly impacting the surface, plus the impact frequency of 5,6,000 times, it is easy to cause problems such as fatigue of the weld. This is our main difficulty to overcome.
FM is different from overseas adjustment. It turned out to be a set abroad, we have two up and down, two up and down and the spacing is different. At that time, a foreign set was copied directly and made a set, and there was a lot of controversy in our own family. Therefore, we have a requirement to engage in offshore wind power as a project department in China. We must have a large number of personnel and a suitable team. As I mentioned just now, there are quite a few different views in our family, there are one set and two sets. There was a problem in the early days. In the early stage, two piles were inclined and fell off, which could not meet the requirements of the verticality of a single pile. So one was added in the later stage, and after one was added, fortunately, the verticality in the later stage could be controlled, and the two earlier tilts could be straightened. There is a trick here. You can only adjust while hitting in the middle of the hit. You can't adjust it directly, and you can't use a jack that adjusts directly. This is far from enough. So there is a process inside. This process has been used in a small number of cases abroad. Later, after a large-scale promotion, I saw that there are two processes abroad that use the single-pile process without transition section.
This is the main equipment of wind turbines used in the intertidal zone. Let me briefly talk about the development of offshore wind farms. This is 9 types of models from 9 manufacturers. In fact, we have used 13 types of models from 10 manufacturers so far. The traditional saying here is to provide such a platform for domestic manufacturers to install as a test prototype, which brings a big problem, and now the manufacturers are basically scared to the ground. Including what Mr. Zhu from Mingyang said yesterday, the early ones. I joked that we provided you with a platform for you to perform. What was the result of the performance? Many were crooked on the stage, which was not bad, and several fell off the stage. We are another window, so the negative impact on them is relatively large.
This reminds us that if we want to engage in offshore wind power, the use of main equipment is also a key link. Although the main equipment was offshore wind power yesterday and accounted for 17-20% of the cost abroad, in fact, our country is larger than this figure. I calculated that there are about 30% to 40% of the main equipment. Therefore, if the main equipment is used offshore, we must pay attention to the selection of the main equipment.
We did the early stage. Just now, Director Fang made 0.85 yuan. I read a lot, and the price of many homeowners’ equipment is lower than 0.85 yuan. Now there is no such market. If you want to buy this main device, it is definitely not used, and the post-delivery fee must be very high. Therefore, in the market of 0.85 yuan, it must be very expensive to buy this equipment in the later stage. Therefore, the electricity price of 0.85 yuan cannot fix him, and it is necessary to reserve enough for the cost of more main equipment.
This is the largest runner in the country with the 151-meter sea-mounted runner mentioned by President Fang just now. Overseas, I took a look at a 175 runner on the shore. We are also installing the largest single pile in China, which uses a 10-megawatt wind turbine in Vision. This is the situation of the wind farm we have built. The construction of the project here is a rough floor plan. We have installed a total of 100 units now, and will continue to install 2 units in July. The most important thing we still talk about is the main equipment. If the main equipment is reasonable, Rudong can build 400,000 this year. Now our total energy is 259,000 installed capacity. Dean Fang's statistics were a bit small just now. Normally, it is now in the 300,000s this year, and the main equipment can't keep up. We used Vision, and the main equipment of the consortium of Shanghai Electric and Siemens has a big problem. The production capacity cannot keep up. This problem is still relatively prominent.
The amount of power generation, the amount of power generation, as we are now to 2013, the annual power generation is 600 million. Utilize the hour, utilize the hour Why I have just repeatedly emphasized that the main equipment of the fan is very important. We can see that in 2012 the use of hours was okay, in 2011 it was okay, but in 2013 it fell off at once, and it fell very badly. Here are two pieces to remind new developers, there are two reasons, one in the middle of the main equipment is the problem of high temperature. After the high temperature main equipment brings problems with the inverter, the failure rate remains high. Therefore, the utilization hours were pulled down.
Another very prominent problem in the use of hours is that offshore wind power has low turbulence intensity at sea, and the root cause of the repair base is that the distance between the seats is larger. The area of ​​the sea is too small for us, so it is exaggerated to pay attention to it. One of the reductions here is the utilization rate of the unit. If we are engaged in the development of offshore wind power, it is still stipulated to see the domestic electricity price of 0.85 yuan, and some achieve the electricity price of 0.83 yuan. I have seen that the spacing is obviously not enough. If you want to develop this piece, you must take it into consideration.
This is the utilization rate, and the utilization rate is generally said to be in the past. In 2013, there were several factors. Looking back at the intertidal zone, looking at this problem objectively, the intertidal zone should have advantages in terms of maintenance compared with the offshore area, which is closer to the shore. We can now invest more manpower, material resources and financial resources to reduce this failure rate.
Maintenance, maintenance is mainly a typhoon problem. Another failure rate was mentioned just now. The failure rate changes before and after, and the red color at sea is quite exaggerated. As you can see, the most exaggerated time reaches 26 times, so there is a big problem with the later maintenance fee.
In addition, the lack of maintenance equipment and the problem of ocean radiation. This issue was discussed a lot yesterday, and some manufacturers have extended the warranty period for a long time, some owners, and some third parties. We now find that the three modes are also tangled. The other is because of the content above, there are mainly waves, including early booster stations, including marine traffic. This is for submarine cable testing. The testing is good in China. There are ready-made units in China, such as Fujian and Ningbo. There are ready-made units there.
We have also explored the maintenance aspect. In addition, we have also organized a national standard for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind power, which may be released this year. This standard is compared to the initial outline.

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